Best Director

Winner: Women Take On Nepal Directed by Tania Verbeeck.

Nominations: #WeAreDyingHere Directed by Shane Vermooten, Waiyirri Directed by Kiara Milera, Charlotte Rose.

Best Feature Film

Winner: American Cherry starring Sarah May Sommers and Hart Denton, Directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz.

Nomination: Medusa Directed by Sophie Levy, A Delicate Fire Directed by Constantine Costi.

Best Actress In A Feature Film 

Winner: Kathy Luu in Rhapsody of Love.

Nominations: Sarah May Sommers in American Cherry, Anamaria Vartolomei in Medusa.

Best Actor In A Feature Film 

Winner: Hart Denton in American Cherry. 

Nomination: Arnaud Valois in Medusa.

Best Indie Feature Film

Winner: Medusa Directed by Sophie Levy.

Nomination: A Story Sewn And Bound With A Red Thread  Directed by Yuria Matsushita, Queen Of The Andes Directed by  Jillian Acreman.

Best Documentary Feature Film 

Winner: Anchor Point Directed by Holly Tucket.

Nominations: Chhaupadi Directed by Marek Kłosowicz, Strong Female Lead Directed by Tosca Looby.

Best Australian Feature Film

Winner: A Delicate Fire Directed by Constantine Costi.

Nomination: Rhapsody Of Love Directed by Joy Hopwood.

Best Short Film

Winner: Waiyirri Directed by Kiara Milera, Charlotte Rose.

Nominations: #WeAreDyingHere Directed by Shane Vermooten, Alex Directed by Lisa de Bye &  Rat Directed by Sarah Gordon.

Best Mid Length Short Film

Winner: Ala Kachuu (Take And Run) Directed by Maria Brendle.

Nominations: The Face Directed Nathan Bender.

Best Documentary Short Film 

Winner: Women Take On Nepal Directed by Tania Verbeeck.


Best Micro Short Film 

Winner: A Perfect Drawing Directed by Suzhen Williams.

Nominations: The Odyssey Directed by Emmanuelle Mattana, The Getaway Directed by Erin Enberg.


Best Student Short Film 

The Water Inside Us All Directed by Madeleine Mytkowski, Guide On Directed by Paige Compton, Femme Fatale Directed by Cassie Troughton, Earthfall Directed by Simone Hooyma, Nina Directed by Poorani Rajkumar.

Best Music Video Winner: Twenty Three Directed by Rhi Miles

Best Micro Short Film Winner: Alma Directed by Elizabeth Marlo, Nomination: Not There Directed by Stef Smith. 

Best Feature Script

Winner: Kassandra written by Victoria Wharfe McIntyre, 

Nominations: The Change written by Kate Villa, Willfull Blindness written by Barbara Nunberg.

Best Short Script

Winner: Marj's Garden written by Liubov Korpusova.

Nominations: Fatty written by Katherine Eyres, Sans Everything written by Yanzi Ding.

SWIFF 2021 Official Selection

Feature Length Narrative Films:                                                    

Feature Length Documentary Films: 

Short Films: 

Documentary Short Films: 

Student Short Films, Music Videos, Mobile Phone Videos:

Feature Length Scripts:

Kassandra by Victoria Wharfe McIntyre.

The Change by Kate Villa.

Sans Everything by Yanzi Ding.

Willfull Blindness by Barbara Nunberg.

Grandma by Mei Liu.

Winds of Transition by Sil Brook.

Criss Cross by Elizabeth Sylvia Player.

Yellow Bus by Wendy Bednarz.

TV Pilot Scripts:

Unhinged by Sarah Bartolo.

I Wanna Be Famous by Bronny Lane

Short Length Scripts:

Marj's Garden by Liubov Korpusova.

Fatty by Katherine Eyres.

Sore Throat by Tori Styles and Camille Gierck.

Enigma by Jessica Orcsik and Cassidy Krygger.

Cicada by Amanda McGregor.

Bienvenidos a Los Angeles/Welcome to Los Angeles by Lisa Cole.

Congratulations to all our 2021 Official Selection entries!