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Sydney's 1st major film festival for women.

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Our Mission

A place where female filmmakers are celebrated and supported.

The Sydney Women's International Film Festival is a new film festival designed to support and promote the work of women (self-identified) film-makers.

Our festival offers award competitions across a range of categories - all with a focus on showcasing the work of local and international female film-makers.

SWIFF will also provide networking opportunities film-makers, as well as premiere viewing opportunities and interactive film-maker Q&A sessions for audiences. 

We're very excited about bringing SWIFF to life in Sydney in 2020, and warmly invite any organisations interested in partnering with SWIFF to get in touch.


The SWIFF Team

The Sydney Women's International Film Festival is the passion project of a Sydney-based volunteer team of women, all committed to promoting women's roles and greater gender parity in the film-making industry. 

The ongoing lack of gender diversity in the film industry means we aren't seeing enough stories about women, told through the eyes of women. 

SWIFF is our contribution to improving access for audiences to these stories - and to promote the creativity of female film-makers.

We are proud to be supported by the City of Sydney through the City's cultural grants program.


Our Sponsors


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Partner with SWIFF and support equality in the arts.

As a not-for-profit with a team of volunteers bringing our film festival to life, we certainly welcome the support of organisations interested in supporting us financially by becoming a sponsoring partner of SWIFF. 

SWIFF offer sponsors a unique opportunity to positively impact gender diversity in the film industry, as well as enjoy the film festival bringing together local and international female film-makers. It represents a genuine, exciting way to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

If your organisation is keen to support SWIFF and become a sponsoring partner in our inaugural festival year,  we'd love to hear from you.


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